Thursday, August 21, 2008

The First Day of School

Today was the first day of school!! It was fun and nerve racking for all. Addison got a perm on a whim but then was worried that people would not like her because she had "too much curls". She is sooo cute with it though. I am sure she will be fine. Halee is a vetran and was very excited to make new friends. She will do great at that! Man I have cute kids!


Lindy said...

What cute pictures and yes, you do have cute kids! :)

The Larsen's said...

Your kids really are cute! Stitch looks adorable with her perm, not too much curl. :) You really have a beautiful family.

Nick and Mary Beth said...

JOY! Your right, your song did crack me up! I love ya!

tren said...

Yes, you do have cute kids! Adorable. Logan was worried about going to school with curls, too.

amy said...


This is paul kroff. i was on my brother ben's facebook and saw a link to yours. i pulled it up and saw your picture and brought me back to 92,92, 9999999, 92!

this is my wife's computer and i don't have a blog or a facebook, but email me at go tigers, take state!

Amber said...


I found your blog from facebook. Your kids are so cute. I sent your an invite to my blog so hopefully you will get it. If not, email me at and I will add you again!

It was great to see what you have been doing.

Amber (French) Vest

k. hinton said...

wow your kids are sooooo big now!! and the perm is cute :)